The 420th Division 2 [BUD] Clan

The 420th Division 2 [BUD] Clan

Apr 17 =420th= SemperFi  

First published: April 17, 2019
Written by: =420th= SemperFi


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the much anticipated sequel, officially hit on March 15, 2019 following a brief open beta. Agents of The 420th Infantry Division promptly answered the call mobilizing under the in-game clan name/tag “Four Twentieth [BUD]“.

TD2 Clan DanceThe [BUD] clan, initially opened as a public group, soon transitioned to private “invite-only” after quickly reaching the max allowed membership of 50 agents. New agents interested in joining can either send a clan join request in-game or post in our Discord Voice Comm server. Please note that members that have been inactive for two weeks may be removed to allow room for new agents. Removed agents are welcomed to reapply once active again.

The in-game clan system boasts some nice features. It’s not perfect, but it’s more than adequate to organize, manage, and coordinate unified operations.

To join a clan in The Division 2, you’ll first need to progress through the main campaign and complete enough side missions to unlock and recruit Grace Larson at the Theater rooftop. Once you’ve recruited her, you can go back to the White House and head towards the East Wing. Talking to Grace there will allow you to unlock the Clan System.

Clan membership in The Division 2 is categorized into four ranks

  • Commander – Clan leader
  • Lieutenant – The officer rank, able to send invites, review applications, promote/demote, and moderate the clan feed
  • Agent – The established clan member, able to send invites
  • Recruit – New member with limited access

Active clan members will earn CXP (Clan XP), increasing the clan level and unlocking clan-exclusive projects, weekly caches, and rewards.

The clan headquarters is located in the White House and features a clan vendor with goods commensurate to the clan’s progression and level.

TD2 - Clan Progression

In addition to using our Discord Voice Comm server, clan members can communicate via the in-game clan chat channel and clan voice channels. The in-game clan voice system has two channels that can host up to 25 clan members per channel.

Clan members can keep an eye on our Clan Events section for dates/times of coordinated PvP and PvE operations, or join us on Discord. Events will be posted in the #games text channel.

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