The Division 2: LMG Infinite Ammo Build

The Division 2: LMG Infinite Ammo Build

Apr 16 =420th= SemperFi  

First published: April 16, 2019
Written by: =420th= SemperFi

UPDATE [2019-05-17]: The Fill’er Up talent no longer provides infinite ammo after the recent patch. However it is still a viable tactic for fast LMG reloading. I have now modified the build by replacing the second LMG with the Chatterbox exotic SMG which also reloads insanely quick.


The Division 2 build I currently seem to be enjoying the most centers around the talent “Fill’er Up”, the Double Barrel Sawed Off, and dual LMGs. I personally prefer the M60s.

How It Works

TD2 Talent Fill'er UpThe talent “Fill’er Up” reloads all of your weapons after reloading from empty. The Double Barrel Sawed Off in the pistol slot is used specifically to fire off and quickly reload both LMGs simultaneously. This allows for two entire belts to be fired in tandem, quickly reloaded at once, and then repeated. This steady and sustained delivery of fire can provide suppression to gain better positioning against enemies.

I also like the talent “Extra” to give the M60s 120 rounds each, and the talent “Greased” on all three weapons to boost reload speed by 30%. I build one M60 with the talent “Unhinged” for closer engagements and “Ranger” on the other for medium range and longer.

Play Style

To take advantage of this build, I typically start encounters by focusing on suppressing as many enemies as possible. This provides a good base of covering fire to allow my squad to move to better firing positions and begin eliminating enemies. Once enemies are reduced to manageable numbers, I then change focus to advancing while suppressing.

Here is a video showing the set up. Notice how my ammo reserves stay full at 900 throughout the run. Infinite ammo!

Have you tried this build or a similar variant? Let us know in the comments!


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