Deep Rock Galactic Gameplay

Deep Rock Galactic Gameplay

Sep 11 =420th= SemperFi  

First published: September 11, 2018
Written by: =420th= SemperFi


One thing Deep Rock Galactic seems to produce consistently is intense gameplay moments. And there’s nothing like sharing those moments over a cold brew with your shipmates after a harrowing mining expedition to the depths of some godforsaken planet infested with giant angry killer insects. I’ll often regret not capturing many of these grand moments on video, but luckily I did manage to record a few and save them for posterity.

To all of you glorious space monkeys out there that we’ve had the honor (and sometimes the misfortune) of serving with throughout our mining careers, here’s to you.  Rock and stone brothers!

Space, Dwarfs, and Drinking

Drinking, dancing, and straight space dwarvin’.

Clutch Team Save

Dreadnought Tunnel Fight


Ah, who can forget that delightful pumpkin festival. Litter the space station with pumpkins? Well, what do you expect.

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  • Test Bot
    Apr 23, 2019 @ 2:41 am

    Drinking, Dwarves, Guns, Space… what else do you need?

  • =420th= SemperFi
    Jul 12, 2020 @ 19:59 pm

    This game only keeps getting better with each new update. Hats off to the devs. ROCK & STONE!!!


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