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    iam hasa Been on and off online. got a new computer so i can hang out full time Been kicking it with u guys for a long time now i go a long way back with semp some of you might know me from the old days years ago been playing from DOOM to Battlefield 1942 to todays stuff iam from australia iam on at all time’s i have alot of respect for 420th and i would love to become a 420th member and show its tag i know it takes time to become a 420th but iam not going anywhere got nothing but time 😀 if any of you 420th want to have a chat it would be my pleasure happy to meet you all iam always on DISCORD

    =420th= SemperFi

    Welcome to recruitment Hasa! Most of the recruit comm is now done in Discord. But we like to keep some things on the forums for archival/posterity reasons. 🙂

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