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    Alien Fireteam Elite Web Site
    This is a Horde Shoot them up. It comes with leveling. Gear Mods. 5 Classis
    You fight waves of Aliens as you make you way though the level. with 4 chapters with 4 missions
    its only 3 player coop but it still fun. once u finish the game it unlock a class RECON.
    Each Class has there own thing and you really notice it when your missing one
    There are Tones of Weapons to unlock and level up and class levels and theres a skill tree of sorts
    You unlock MODs and put them in your Perk Box till you fill it all up you unlock mods as u level the class
    you can buy thing that are turrets or mines stuff like that when u hit one of the check points in the mission
    u hunker down and put your stuff u brought down and get ready for a fight you click something and actives the horde
    there are also card you can get to make the level harder with bonus like 2x XP or double ammo double health with no bonus on the

    All in all this is a game you will keep coming back to


    IF this has peeked you interest Great Review from this guy
    Review and New Player Guide

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